Owner Of Sex Shop Next To Four Seasons Total Landscaping Says Trump’s Error Has Helped Business

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The owner of Fantasy Island, the now famous adult book store next door to Four Seasons Total Landscaping, has spoken out about the attention his business has had following that disastrous press conference.

For those who’ve been living under a rock over the last week, President Donald Trump has opted against bowing out of his office with dignity. Instead, he has chosen to descend into a surreal The Thick Of It sketch that has proven more entertaining than anything on the telly.

It reached new depths of cringe with the jaw-dropping Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference, where his team addressed the nation from the humble site of a garden centre car park.

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When Trump first announced that the press conference would be held at the Four Seasons, Philadelphia, it was widely assumed that he meant the luxurious hotel in the heart of the city.

However, it soon emerged that the event – held just as the world learned of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory – was to be held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, situated between a crematorium and an adult book store called Fantasy Island.

This was no doubt a bruising humiliation for Trump supporters, and a gift from sitcom heaven for comedy writers. But for Fantasy Island proprietor Bernie D’Angelo, the blunder turned out to be a pretty nice little end-of-year boost for his business.

In an interview with Slate, D’Angelo said:

It’s helped me out. Matter of fact, if I knew this was coming, I would have definitely got in touch with a web designer, and also [gotten] some silkscreen-type things, to just put on a shirt because my Fantasy Island Facebook page has been blown up.

I’m past 7,000 people commenting on everything that’s been going on. I had to order some more stuff and ask the companies if they could physically pick up some stuff at my distributors or actually ask UPS if we could fast-track some of it.

People in the neighborhood forget about us because we haven’t done any major, major advertising. We could never afford advertising like this. This is worldwide. I don’t know if I’ll ever trend like this ever again.

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D’Angelo – who revealed that both Trump and Biden supporters have frequented his store – added that he had been surprised by the President’s low-key choice of venue, reasoning:

There was no reason why they would be in this area. It’s funny. I’ve stayed at the Four Seasons. I know the difference between the two Four Seasons. One’s a landscaping business, and one’s a nice hotel.

NPR journalist David Greene has also reported on the increased popularity of Fantasy Island following this unexpected political turn, tweeting:

Clerk at sex shop near Four Seasons Total Landscaping:

“I get at least 10, 15 calls a day – ‘Is Rudy here?’”

Clerk at sex shop near Four Seasons Total Landscaping:

“I get at least 10, 15 calls a day – ‘Is Rudy here?’”@WHYYNews @miles__bryan

— David Greene (@nprgreene) November 11, 2020

D’Angelo and his store now undoubtedly deserve their own page in the history books, a constant reminder of one of the daftest c*ck-ups in US electoral history.

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