China wants to ‘take over’ Australia by dominating politics, business and the media | Daily Mail Online

Retiring ASIO boss issues a chilling warning that China seeks to ‘take over’ Australia

Retired ASIO chief Duncan Lewis (pictured) has accused the Chinese government of using ‘insidious’ foreign interference

Retired ASIO chief Duncan Lewis has accused the Chinese government of using ‘insidious’ foreign interference operations to ‘take over’ Australia’s political system.

Anyone in political office could be a target, the former spy chief told the political journal Quarterly Essay in an interview to be published next week.

Mr Lewis claimed Chinese authorities were trying to ‘place themselves in a position of advantage’ by in political, social, business and media circles, The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Friday, citing the interview.

‘Espionage and foreign interference is insidious. Its effects might not present for decades and by that time it’s too late,’ he said.

‘You wake up one day and find decisions made in our country that are not in the interests of our country.’

In the interview, Mr Lewis warns covert foreign intrusion into the heart of Australian politics is ‘something we need to be very, very careful about’.

His remarks come after Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and Senator James Paterson were denied visas to travel to China for a study tour after they criticised its human rights record.

In an opinion piece published in The Australian on Thursday, senior Chinese diplomat Wang Xining accused the MPs of having double standards and showing disrespect.

‘It is cynical that in a country boasting freedom of speech, different views from another nation are constantly and intentionally obliterated,’ Mr Wang wrote.

In the interview, Mr Lewis warns covert foreign intrusion into the heart of Australian politics is ‘something we need to be very, very careful about’ (pictured is a reeducation centre in Xinjiang province)

‘Understanding truth succumbs to being politically right. A people said to be audacious and adventurous like kangaroos are scared of stepping out of the comfort zone of ideas and thinking.’

Mr Wang said Australians would be astounded to know the Chinese people overwhelmingly supported the government’s decision to ban Mr Hastie and Senator Paterson.

Mr Lewis retired in September after five years as the head of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

In October, a Four Corners investigation lifted the lid on dubious relationships between a number of Beijing-backed entities and Australia’s top tertiary institutions.

The program revealed a University of Queensland professor who received $2.6million in taxpayer-funded grants used the money to set up a tech company in China which monitored members of the Uyghur minority group.

His remarks come after Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie (left) and Senator James Paterson (right) were denied visas to travel to China for a study tour after they criticised its human rights record 

China analyst Alex Joske from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute warned our institutions are being infiltrated by China-owned or backed entities, and singled out UQ for its ‘concerning activity’.

‘[The university] engages in particularly high levels of collaboration, some of which has raised serious human rights concerns,’ Mr Joske told Four Corners.

Mr Joske also warned the Australian National University in Canberra, the country’s top ranked tertiary institution, has more than 30 joint projects with Chinese defence universities.

More than 700 Chinese navy sailors, including some armed with guns, arrived in Sydney in June

He said the university, which receives defence funding for its artificial intelligence programs, trained a Chinese PhD student working on drone swarms.

In July, a flotilla of three Chinese warships with 700 sailors on board arrived a for a secret visit to Sydney.  

Sailors were lined up on the ships in combat uniform, with some carrying guns.

Since coming to power, President Xi Jinping has invested heavily in the People’s Liberation Army Navy – in a bid to project Chinese influence across the Pacific and beyond. 

Three Chinese warships arrived at Sydney’s Garden Island for a four-day stopover just days after it was revealed China had confronted an Australian vessel in the South China Sea

The ship arrived on a ‘secret visit’, amid heightened concern about Beijing’s growing clout and military muscle flexing

China wants to ‘take over’ Australia by dominating politics, business and the media

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New flight announced from Norwich Airport | Latest Norfolk and Suffolk Business News | Eastern Daily Press

New 80 minute flight to start from Norwich to Cornwall

PUBLISHED: 15:52 03 October 2019 | UPDATED: 16:44 03 October 2019

Richard Pace, managing director of Norwich Airport. Pic: submitted

A new flight is to start from Norwich to Cornwall it was announced today – which cuts the journey time from seven hours by car to just 80 minutes by air.

A sunny scene in Newquay. Pic: ArchantA sunny scene in Newquay. Pic: Archant

Loganair continued to expand its growing network at Norwich Airport by announcing its fifth route – a new service to Cornwall Airport Newquay. The airline is already the largest operator at Norwich, offering regular flights to Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester and Jersey and employing a team of more than 30 pilots, cabin crew and engineers locally to support its services.

The new service, which will transform the journey from East Anglia and the south-west launches on April, 3, 2020, with fares from £59.99, one way.

All Loganair fares include a free checked baggage allowance, allocated seating and in-flight refreshments.

Monday and Friday services will operate throughout the summer, with extra Sunday services from May to September and a further additional Wednesday flight in July and August. The 80-minute flight is much speedier than the lengthy car journey or the time by rail, taking more than eight hours.

Loganair has announced a new route from Norwich to Newquay. Pic: submittedLoganair has announced a new route from Norwich to Newquay. Pic: submitted

You may also want to watch:

The new route launch is part of a programme of new connectivity to Cornwall which Loganair is announcing for summer 2020, including links to Newcastle, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Loganair managing director Jonathan Hinkles said: “With more and more people holidaying in the UK, avoiding expensive Euro exchange rates or enjoying a staycation with friends and family, we’re confident that the routes will do well.

“In addition to leisure users, we believe that economic links between East Anglia and Cornwall will also mean a healthy level of business demand. Although we’re initially launching the Norwich-Newquay route with summer services, we’re keen to look at maintaining flights year-round if it proves viable.”

Richard Pace, managing director of Norwich Airport, said: “We welcome Loganair’s expanding commitment to Norwich with the announcement of this exciting new service to Cornwall Airport Newquay. This is a further example of Norwich providing and strengthening the essential links East Anglia needs to have with important destinations for the benefit of our business community and leisure consumers.”

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Nissan boss confirms Sunderland blow – Brexit ‘not helping’ | Business News | Sky News

Nissan has told staff in Sunderland the company will not make the new X-Trail there, as previously planned.

The firm had been expected to make the announcement to workers in the coming week but brought this forward after Sky News learned of the change of plan yesterday.

Today, Nissan’s Europe division boss wrote to Sunderland factory staff confirming the news and telling them the model will continue to be made in Japan.

Gianluca de Ficchy said the decision was a mixture of investment needed for emissions regulations and reduced sales forecasts but added uncertainty over Brexit had also played a part.

He said the announcement would be “interpreted by a lot of people as a decision related to Brexit” and that “uncertainty around the UK’s future relationship with the EU is not helping companies like ours to plan for the future”.

He added: “With the UK’s departure from the EU on March 29th getting closer every week, we have a taskforce in place, reporting to me, that it is considering all of the possible scenarios and the potential impact on business.

“We appreciate this will be disappointing for our UK team and partners. Our workforce in Sunderland has our full confidence, and will continue to benefit from the investment planned for Juke and Qashqai.”

nissan in sunderland

Sky News reporter Becky Johnson, who is in Sunderland, said: “The main sentiment that I’m feeling from people I’m speaking to here is one of defiance.

“You have to remember that in the referendum almost two-thirds of people here voted to leave the EU.

“I’ve spoken to one man, whose two adult children in their 20s both work at Nissan, and he said to me ‘let Nissan leave Sunderland, we will be okay, we will find something else’.

“Others say Brexit is being used as an excuse by businesses – that is what people think.”

Becky Johnson also spoke to a man who supplies parts to Nissan, who voted Remain. She said: “It was always his fear… that (Brexit) would ultimately lead to businesses like Nissan pulling out of the UK. So a real split of views here in Sunderland.”

Business Secretary Greg Clark said: “Nissan’s announcement is a blow to the sector and the region, as this was to be a further significant expansion of the site and the workforce.

“The company has confirmed that no jobs will be lost. They have reiterated today their commitment to the UK by continuing to manufacture in Sunderland the current Qashqai, Leaf and Juke models and the new Qashqai model from 2020.

“The UK automotive industry is a vital sector for the British economy which draws on our combination of rich automotive heritage and cutting edge innovation.

“Its role in providing high skilled well paid jobs, innovative R&D and investment is why we are determined to build on these strengths to make the UK a leader in the next generation of autonomous and electric vehicles through the Automotive Sector Deal, as part of our modern Industrial Strategy.”

MPs have said Brexit uncertainty is to blame for Nissan’s decision.

The company had pledged to manufacture the new SUV model in the UK four months after the 2016 referendum – a move seen as a major vote of confidence in the country’s manufacturing outside the EU.

The news casts doubt over Nissan’s future investment in the UK, and stokes debate about the future of British car manufacturing less than eight weeks before the UK is scheduled to leave the EU

Nissan employs about 7,000 people in Sunderland

Many Remain supporters said the withdrawal was a worrying indicator of Brexit having a corrosive impact on the British economy.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: “The Conservatives’ botched negotiations and threat of a no deal Brexit is causing uncertainty and damaging Britain’s economy.”

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable said it could be a turning point in Brexit uncertainty, and said it showed that big companies were “very seriously reconsidering their future here”.

“I’m afraid that where Nissan leads the others, Toyota, Honda, BMW, the rest of them, we’re going to see a down scaling of their operations in the UK,” he said.

Sir Vince added: “The whole industry is rethinking its approach because it originally saw Britain as a gateway to Europe and that gateway is now closing.

“I think Brexit is a major factor, it may be one of several. Not just for Nissan but the same calculations are being made throughout the car industry.”

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said the withdrawal, if confirmed, “represents a serious blow to the communities that depend on the jobs Nissan creates and supports”.

He said the Conservatives’ “chaotic handling” of negotiations was having a “devastating impact on business investment”.

Julie Elliot, Labour MP for Sunderland, said she would ask the government to intervene to protect jobs in the city.

“But we cannot deny the inevitable role that Brexit plays,” she continued. “The constant uncertainty, the chaotic government. None of it is conducive to encouraging business investment in this country.”

Conservative pro-Remain MP Anna Soubry said it was “difficult not to be angry” that the manufacturer may pull production.

Unite’s assistant general secretary for manufacturing, Steve Turner, said it was “beyond disappointing” that Unite members heard about their futures and the holding back of planned Sunderland investments through the media and not directly from the company.

“These rumours are disturbing and will cause the workforce to have a very anxious weekend even though production of the X-Trail would have necessitated additional jobs on site,” he said.

In the 2016 referendum, Sunderland voted 61.3% to leave the EU.

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox said there was “increasing worry” about the European and global economy.

He told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “We’ve seen a big slowdown in China, it’s had a knock-on effect.

“We’ve seen Italy now go into recession, we’ve seen the German economy slow down, we’ve seen the French economy slow down. Really we do need to avoid any disruption to that European trading system.”

Nissan employs about 7,000 people in Sunderland, and was thrust into the heart of the Brexit debate in 2016 when it received a letter from government ministers offering undisclosed reassurances about the company’s future competitiveness.

Four months after the referendum, the Japanese car maker said it would build its next-generation Qashqai sports utility vehicle and a new X-Trail model in Sunderland.

The X-Trail is currently produced exclusively in Japan.

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Government to miss Brexit trade deal target | Business News | Sky News

Government officials have admitted for the first time that they will not be able to renegotiate all trade treaties involving the European Union by the end of March.

The UK is party to around 40 European treaties, covering trade with more than 70 countries and making up 12% of the UK’s total trade.

In the event of no deal, each would need to be rewritten, either with new terms or by mirroring the existing terms, a process known as “rolling over”.

Two years ago, the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said that updated versions of all those treaties should be ready to sign within a minute of Britain leaving the EU.

Now, according to senior government sources, expectations have been tempered.

Instead of aiming to renegotiate all the treaties, the government is focusing on securing those deals that are worth most to the British economy.

It is understood that the target is now to have deals in place that would cover “around 90%” of British trade within the existing agreements.

Today, Dr Fox signed a trade agreement with Switzerland.

Sky News understands that a deal with Israel could be announced as soon as next week.

However, the same source confirmed that talks with South Korea, one of the UK’s most important overseas trading partners, have stuttered and are “very unlikely” to be finished by the end of March.

Discussions about a wide-ranging trade deal with Japan have also hit a hurdle after Japanese negotiators said they wanted to start from scratch, rather than mirroring the terms of the existing European deal.

The government maintains that these agreements will only require renegotiation if the UK leaves without a deal – and that otherwise they will automatically be replicated.

In an interview with Sky News, Dr Fox confirmed that certain negotiations had now been prioritised over others.

He said that, of the 40 deals that Britain needed to renegotiate, the bottom 20 covered a total of less than 1% of total UK trade.

Dr Fox said: “We are content that the vast majority of trade will achieve the continuity that we need – if I could get to 100% that would be fantastic but it’s about getting the maximum amount that we can.

“The trading world is a particularly unemotional one with a lot of hard-headed people who will want to get the best agreement.

“Britain has been extraordinarily reasonable in this process – we are, after all, only replicating the agreements that we have as a member of the EU with these countries.”

Dr Fox was also asked about the suggestion that Britain could move to zero-tariff trading with the rest of the world – an idea that has gone down badly with business groups because of the harm that could be done to domestic producers and exporters.

He said the government was looking at all options in this area after Brexit and the impacts they could have on different sectors.

Dr Fox acknowledged that having zero tariffs could damage parts of the economy such as agriculture while helping others by pushing down the cost of imported parts and consumer goods.

He also played down the possibility that they could be dropped immediately saying that even in the most liberal trade agreements, changes tended to be “phased in over time” while rapid change was “not something you would want to introduce voluntarily”.

Angus MacNeil, chairman of the Commons international trade committee, said the admission by officials about new trade deals not being ready in time for Brexit was “what has been suspected for some time”.

He added: “It is no surprise that countries in the market are acting freely in their own interest rather than just meeting the UK’s expectations.

“It is time for Dr Fox to face facts and admit this – particularly to businesses, who are in urgent need of proper guidance.

“Failure to do so could leave businesses unprepared for a change in trading arrangements with some key markets – and the impact for some could be devastating.”

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Danny Dyer primed to make his big screen return in the follow-up to Noughties cult hit The Business

IT was the film that launched the careers of Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan.

And now, 14 years after The Business became a cult hit, the eagerly anticipated follow-up is finally in the works.

Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan in cult film The Business 
Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan in cult film The Business
Rex Features

I can reveal that Tamer has written a script for an updated version of the Brit flick, showing what happened to his and Danny’s characters from the original.

He is now in talks with production companies and investors — much to the delight of EastEnders star Danny, who is primed to return in the new flick, provisionally titled Back In Business.

A movie source said: “Tamer is incredibly excited about the script.

“Fans of The Business are going to be in for a treat.

EastEnders' hardman Danny looks set to return in the sequel
EastEnders hardman Danny is primed to return in the follow-up to The Business
Getty Images – Getty

“There’s still so much intrigue around that movie and both Tamer and Danny still get a lot of love for it. Danny remains dedicated to EastEnders, and shooting the movie won’t affect his role in Walford.

“But, of course, he’s excited about the prospect of reuniting with Tamer on screen.”

Filmed in Spain, The Business was set in the Eighties — which was reflected in the lead characters’ clothing.

The retro tracksuits worn by Danny and Tamer sparked a revival in brands such as Sergio Tacchini and Fila.

The Business launched the careers of Danny and Tamer 14 years ago
The Business launched the careers of Danny and Tamer 14 years ago
Getty – Contributor

In the film, Danny played street thug Frankie. He escapes to southern Spain from his rough estate in South London and develops a close bond with Tamer’s character Charlie, a nightclub owner who is partners with local gangster Sammy, played by Geoff Bell.

Frankie, who goes into business with Charlie, then falls for Sammy’s wife Carly, played by Georgina Chapman.

Developing a follow-up to The Business — which was written and directed by Nick Love, of The Football Factory and The Sweeney fame — can at least work as a distraction for Tamer, whose daughter Belle is currently starring in Love Island.

Danny knows all about how tough that can be.


Rapper Meg’s orange Cardi

AMERICA’s hottest new rapper Megan Thee Stallion made her Wireless Festival debut on Sunday – and she clearly took ­inspiration from Cardi B’s wardrobe.

The rising star took to the stage at London’s Finsbury Park wearing a pair of tight denim hot pants that exposed her curvaceous bottom and a bright orange jacket.

US rapper Megan Thee Stallion makes her Wireless debut in denim hot pants and orange jacketGetty – Contributor

US rapper Megan Thee Stallion makes her Wireless debut in denim hot pants and orange jacket[/caption]

Cardi B also performed in summer's hot colour during her headline setSplash News

Cardi B also performed in summer’s hot colour during her headline set[/caption]

Cardi rocked the same colour on ­Friday during her headline set. She also lobbed her wig into the crowd, later telling fans she got “carried away.”

Megan, whose tracks include Simon Says, performed with bright green hair.

This Simon says she’ll have some trouble improving on this outfit at her next gig.


DISNEY’S live-action remake of its animated 1998 hit Mulan will reach cinemas on March 27 next year. The date was announced on Sunday alongside a clip of the film, which stars Liu Yifei as the legendary Chinese warrior.

Ed Sheeran

EVEN Ed Sheeran was once a busker, so it was only fair his new movie co-star had to experience it, too.

Himesh Patel prepared for his role in Yesterday, as a struggling musician who pinches the hits of The Beatles when he realises no one in the world remembers them, by singing on the streets.

Himesh Patel, left, and Ed Sheeran in film Yesterday directed by Danny Boyle
Himesh Patel, left, and Ed Sheeran in film Yesterday directed by Danny Boyle
AP:Associated Press

In an exclusive chat, the film’s composer Daniel Pemberton revealed former EastEnders actor Himesh wore a big beard to play to the unsuspecting public.

He said: “We sent him busking which is one of my favourite things. We said, ‘You’ve got to see what it’s like to be a struggling singer-songwriter’.

“He played songs that we helped write for him. Not many were that good but he had to play them, just to get into the mindset of what it was like. He went into Galston, which is where a lot of it is filmed in Norfolk. They recorded it with secret cameras as well.”

The film, directed by Danny Boyle, grossed £2.2million at the cinema in its opening weekend in June.
Unfortunately, I still don’t think Himesh will emulate Ed’s success.

Wonder-ful day for Dua

DUA Lipa has done a brilliant job of following her New Rules just a few weeks after her split from Isaac Carew.

The singer made her first public appearance with new ­boyfriend Anwar Hadid this weekend.

Dua Lipa hand-in-hand with the model brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid, Anwar, at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park, London
Dua Lipa hand-in-hand with the model brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid, Anwar, at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park, London

Dua was spotted hand-in-hand with the model at the British Summer Time Festival in London’s Hyde Park on Saturday as they watched Stevie Wonder perform.

I revealed Dua had moved on with Gigi and Bella’s ­brother last month.

Her three-and-a-half year relationship with Isaac first ended in 2017 – but the pair rekindled it the following year before splitting in June.

Their romance ended for the last time amid various reports the chef had been unfaithful. Anwar seems like a much better match.


DJ ROMAN Kemp, rapper AJ Tracey and comic Asim Chaudhry have opened up over a plate of peri-peri chicken. Check out Nando’s Facebook page for the first episode, also featuring a game of the Nando’s Booth Truths.

Robbie’s avoiding alien life

ROBBIE Williams has legions of adoring female fans who would like to get close to him.

But when he installed round-the-clock security at his home, it was to keep little green men at bay.

Robbie Williams is concerned about his mental health
Getty – Contributor

The singer worries he may have a “mental illness” after he refused to engage with extra-terrestrial life in case an alien spoke back to him.

Robbie, who will be headlining BST in London’s Hyde Park on ­Sunday, said: “The reason why I started having 24-hour security was not for my own safety, it was just because I was scared of what was happening around me when I was alone.

“I was always scared to talk to them because that would make it real and if it was just in my head then it would just be in my head.

“If I said it out loud then I would be more scared than I already was.”

Speaking to Jo Wood for her ­podcast Alien Nation, Robbie added: “Maybe this is a mental illness. I don’t think so, but I have to put that out there for the ­sceptics.”

It sounds as if Robbie and wife Ayda Field need to lay off the cheese before bed.

String it out, Babs

BARBRA Streisand didn’t cut any corners as she made her triumphant return to the UK tonight at BST.

The hitmaker, who arrived on stage in a pink kaftan, had earlier prepared with a three hour soundcheck at London’s Hyde Park, with the audience arriving just as she was finishing.

Showbiz icon Barbra Streisand returned to the UK tonight at BST 
Showbiz icon Barbra Streisand returned to the UK tonight at BST
New York Times

A source said: “She wanted to sound perfect. She was heard asking for ‘more cello’ as she made sure the orchestra was on point.”

There were rumours Barbra had brought a patch of grass from her house for her cloned dogs Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett. It’s definitely a step up from dried out Hyde Park turf.

most read in bizarre


Johanna Konta shocks as she’s knocked out of Wimbledon and BBC focuses on her NIPPLES


Ant Middleton plannning a kids’ version of C4 show SAS: Who Dares Wins

born to do it

Craig David says ‘I’m open about my sexuality’ and wants to start a family


Mel B set to return to UK after more than 15 years living in America


Daisy Ridley ‘feels the force’ of Tom Bateman’s cuddle after confirming engagement


Greedy and virtue-signalling Gary Lineker needs to take a pay cut at the BBC

SHAWN Mendes tops the Spotify chart thanks to his new track Senorita, as his rumoured romance with collaborator Camila Cabello heats up.

BEAUTIFUL People by Ed Sheeran and Khalid, at No2, is on Ed’s upcoming No.6 Collaborations Project. He’s also dropped tracks with Bruno Mars and Yebba.

LIL NAS X’s Old Town Road remix hangs on in the Top Ten. He joined Cardi B on stage at Wireless Festival to perform the viral track last weekend.

Spotify Top 20

  1. Senorita – SHAWN MENDES, 3.5m
  2. Beautiful People – ED SHEERAN and KHALID, 3.5m
  3. Vossi Bop – STORMZY, 3m
  4. I Don’t Care – ED SHEERAN and JUSTIN BIEBER, 3m
  5. Someone You Loved – LEWIS CAPALDI, 2.7m
  6. Bad Guy – BILLIE EILISH, 2.5m
  7. Piece Of Your Heart – MEDUZA, 2.3m
  8. Crown – STORMZY, 2.3m
  9. Cross Me – ED SHEERAN and CHANCE THE RAPPER, 2.2m
  10. Old Town Road (remix) – LIL NAS X, 2m
  11. Mad Love – MABEL, 2m
  12. Hold Me While You Wait – LEWIS CAPALDI, 2m
  13. Never Really Over – KATY PERRY, 1.8m
  14. SOS – AVICII, 1.8m
  15. You Need To Calm Down – TAYLOR SWIFT, 1.8m
  16. Location – DAVE and BURNA BOY, 1.7m
  17. Wish You Well – SIGALA, 1.6m
  18. No Guidance – CHRIS BROWN and DRAKE, 1.6m
  19. Summer Days – MARTIN GARRIX, 1.5m
  20. Money In The Grave – DRAKE and RICK ROSS, 1.5m

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Airline Bans Overweight Passengers From Business Class

Airline Bans Overweight Passengers From Business Class OverweightPA

If you’ve ever been wound up when flying because you’ve gone over your baggage allowance but have not over-eaten and felt annoyance at your fellow more overweight passengers this one’s for you.

An airline is cracking down on overweight passengers on some of its flights.

But it’s not the move of some sadistic executives, it’s happening because they’re planning on bringing in extra health and safety measures. ‘It’s health and safety gone mad!’ I hear you roar.

And before you fickle lot start assuming this is an April Fool’s Day gag, this was reported by the Bangkok Post a few weeks back.

Thai Airways International has brought in a waist size limit for passengers, and a ban on carrying infants on laps, in business class on two of its Boeing 787-9 aircraft because they are now fitted with seat airbags.

While the extra safety measure has been introduced to meet stricter guidelines on passenger survivability – preventing traveller’s heads from impacting the back of the seat in the case of sudden deceleration – passengers with a waistline over 56 inches (142.24cm) cannot be fastened in.

The measure may well be welcomed by passengers in the UK after a poll last year revealed the British think overweight people should fork out more money for their plane tickets and even sit in a ‘separate section’.

Nearly 80 per cent of British people think overweight passengers should be allocated a seat in a separate area with bigger chairs on a flight.

And a staggering 91 per cent said they believed overweight passengers should be ‘charged a higher fee for those larger seats’, according to new research.

Airline Bans Overweight Passengers From Business Class night flight 2307018 1920 1048x700Pixabay

The survey, carried out by comparison site, questioned the opinions of 2,494 people and revealed some of the UK’s neighbouring countries shared the sentiment, reported.

According to the survey, 72 per cent of airline travellers in France, 61 per cent in Italy and 56 per cent in Spain agreed larger passengers should be made to pay more for their tickets.

Germany disagreed with 68 per cent of passengers saying sections containing larger seats ‘should not be offered on planes’.

Airline Bans Overweight Passengers From Business Class 33888UNILAD imageoptim Scales webPixabay

The survey also revealed ‘more than half the British public’ said they’d experienced a flight made uncomfortable by other passengers, with around 34 per cent saying they’d not taken any action to address the situation. How very British.

If you are averse to being made uncomfortable by fellow passengers you might want to look away now because a passenger had to be tied up and restrained during one flight after stripping down to his birthday suit to enjoy some adult content.

Clearly not part of airline Malindo Air’s in-flight entertainment package, an unidentified 20-year-old man was caught getting his kit off and masturbating to an X-rated video as horrified and baffled passengers looked on.

The bizarre incident occurred during a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where witnesses claim the man in question walked to the plane’s toilets to undress and also urinated on his seat.

Man gets naked, masturbates to porn, walks aisle, and pisses in seat before restrained on flight via /r/WTF

— me (@not_actuallyme) March 5, 2018

Seriously, peeing on the seat, what a monster!

If you have a story you want to tell send it to UNILAD via [email protected]

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Danny Dyer calls Love Island’s Jack Fincham his ‘future son in law’ and promises to sign his poster of The Business

DANNY Dyer has called Love Island’s Jack Fincham his “future son in law” as he promised to sign his bedroom poster.

Danny Dyer has referred to Jack Fincham as his “future son in law”

The EastEnders actor has previously remained silent on what he thinks of the pen salesman, 26.

However, he suggested he is a fan of the couple’s relationship, and even appears to be keen on seeing them walk down the aisle.

Taking to Twitter to ask his followers to vote for him in the TV Choice Awards 2018, he wrote: “I’ve only gone and made the shortlist for the TV choice awards.

“If you fancy it whack a vote my way…..right…I’m off to the villa…to sign my future son in laws canvas….lovely”

I’ve only gone and made the shortlist for the TV choice awards. If you fancy it whack a vote my way…..right…I’m off to the villa…to sign my future son in laws canvas….lovely

— Danny Dyer (@MrDDyer) July 5, 2018

The soap star’s daughter Dani is currently coupled up in the villa with Jack Fincham

As well as confirming he is a fan of Jack, the Albert Square favourite also revealed he is heading to the villa after it was revealed exclusively by The Sun’s Bizarre column he is skipping the meet-the-parents episode.

Danny also poked fun at the contestant’s poster of him that hangs on his bedroom wall, according to his ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones, 22.

It was recently revealed that the pen salesman has a poster of Danny hanging in his bedroom

Later on Jack was seen justifying why he had the print and insisted he and Dani are “strong” and can get through this drama.

Speaking to the lads, he said: “I had the canvas in my room of film that Danny’s dad is in called The  Business.

The lovebirds said ‘I love you’ to one another earlier this week

“I used to have it in my room on this canvas, she’s [Ellie’s] made it out like I’ve got some strange poster of her [Dani’s] dad.

“I was like what’s she’s doing? She’s made it out like I pray to Danni’s dad every night.”

Josh them chimed in, asking: “Do you?” and Jack snapped back: “No”.


Muggy Megan’s pre-surgery look revealed in jaw-dropping throwback picture

steel do

Georgia Steel branded ‘wifey’ material by Scott Thomas amid Love island heartbreak

mini me-chelle?

Mark Wright’s dad posts crypytic comment and fans think she’s pregnant


Love Island’s Hayley calls in Michael Jackson’s bodyguard over stalking fears

love you beck

David Beckham toasts Victoria with £1,544 wine at anniversary dinner in Paris

rose to the occasion

Demi Rose & pal pose in bra and thong to mark Independence Day

Kayleigh Short said: “Danny isn’t scary at all, or intimidating. He’s a big softie in real life.

“Because Jack is coming across so well and does seem so nice I don’t see any problems.

“I think her family will welcome him with open arms.”

Jack Fincham completely over-reacts on Love Island after Dani Dyer finds out her dad’s picture is on his bedroom wall

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‘Catastrophic’ no-deal Brexit would ‘crash the economy’, Tory business minister admits

Business minister Claire Perry has broken ranks to warn that a no-deal Brexit would be “catastrophic” and “a way of crashing the economy”.

Theresa May and other cabinet ministers have insisted the UK can prosper even if it crashes out of the EU without an agreement – insisting that remains an option.

But Ms Perry said: “No deal is a recipe for a catastrophic series of consequences.

“It’s also a way of crashing the economy and of doing great damage to our most productive industries.”

Chequers plan, that “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

People’s Vote march – demanding vote on final Brexit deal

Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary, and Dominic Raab, the Brexit secretary, have argued Britain could “thrive” after crashing out, after initial disruption.

Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesman and supporter of the anti-Brexit Best for Britain group, said: “Claire Perry speaks the inconvenient truth, No deal would be a disaster for the UK. 

“But she must be just as candid in admitting that Chequers would be nearly as damaging. That is why we need a final say on the deal and a chance to exit from Brexit.”

Ms Perry was a strong Remain supporter, who hit the headlines in February 2017, when she branded hard Brexit supporters in the Tory party “like jihadis”.

She said the atmosphere of the Brexit debate “sometimes borders on the hysterical”, but returned to government a few months later nonetheless.

The Independent has launched its #FinalSay campaign to demand that voters are given a voice on the final Brexit deal.

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Flybmi goes into administration – all flights cancelled | Business News | Sky News

Regional airline Flybmi has gone into administration, with all flights cancelled from today.

The British company, which flew 17 regional jet aircraft on routes to 25 European cities, says Brexit has been a major factor in its demise.

Thousands of holidaymakers have had their plans thrown into disarray.

British Midland Regional Limited, which ran the East Midlands-based airline, said: “The airline has faced several difficulties, including recent spikes in fuel and carbon costs, the latter arising from the EU’s recent decision to exclude UK airlines from full participation in the Emissions Trading Scheme.

“These issues have undermined efforts to move the airline into profit.

“Current trading and future prospects have also been seriously affected by the uncertainty created by the Brexit process, which has led to our inability to secure valuable flying contracts in Europe and lack of confidence around bmi’s ability to continue flying between destinations in Europe.

“Additionally, our situation mirrors wider difficulties in the regional airline industry which have been well documented.

“Against this background, it has become impossible for the airline’s shareholders to continue their extensive programme of funding into the business, despite investment totalling over £40m in the last six years.

“We sincerely regret that this course of action has become the only option open to us, but the challenges, particularly those created by Brexit, have proven to be insurmountable.”

Flights operated by flybmi served Aberdeen, Bristol, Brno, City of Derry, Dusseldorf, East Midlands, Esbjerg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Jonkoping, Karlstad, London Stansted, Lublin, Milan Bergamo, Munich, Newcastle, Norrkoping, Nuremburg, Oslo, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Rostock/Laage, Saarbrucken and Stavanger.

Customer Laura Mason tweeted: “@flybmi meant to be flying tomorrow. Can’t check in & says on stand by! Booked flights a year ago what an absolute joke #awful service.”

Bmi Regional employed a total of 376 employees based in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Belgium.

British Airline Pilots’ Association general secretary Brian Strutton said: “The collapse of FlyBMI is devastating news for all employees.

“Regrettably Balpa had no warning or any information from the company at all.”

What should customers do?

:: Customers who booked directly with flybmi should contact their payment card issuer to obtain a refund for flights which have not yet taken place;

:: Anyone who has booked flybmi flights via a travel agent or one of flybmi’s codeshare partner airlines should contact their agent or airline for details of options available to them;

:: Those with travel insurance should contact their provider to find out if they are eligible to claim for cancelled flights and the procedure for doing so.

More follows…

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Alan Turing to feature on new £50 note | Business | The Guardian

Alan Turing, the scientist known for helping crack the Enigma code during the second world war and pioneering the modern computer, has been chosen to appear on the new £50 note.

The mathematician was selected from a list of almost 1,000 scientists in a decision that recognised both his role in fending off the threat of German U-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic and the impact of his postwar persecution for homosexuality.

The announcement by the Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester completes the official rehabilitation of Turing, who played a pivotal role at the Bletchley Park code and cipher centre.

Which historical figures have appeared on banknotes?

William Shakespeare was the first historical character to appear on a Bank of England note in 1970. Here’s the full list of the historical characters that have appeared on banknotes issued by the central bank in England and Wales over the last five decades.

Past banknotes

1970 William Shakespeare, playwright (£20)
1971 Duke of Wellington, soldier and statesman (£5)
1975 Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing (£10)
1978 Sir Isaac Newton, physicist and mathematician (£1)
1981 Sir Christopher Wren, architect (£50)
1990 George Stephenson, engineer (£5)
1991 Michael Faraday, scientist (£20)
1992 Charles Dickens, author (£10)
1994 Sir John Houblon, first Bank of England governor (£50)
1999 Sir Edward Elgar, composer (£20)
2000 Charles Darwin, naturalist (£10)
2002 Elizabeth Fry, prison reformer (£5)

Current banknotes

2007 Adam Smith, economist (£20)
2011 Matthew Boulton and James Watt, steam engine industrialists (£50)
2016 Winston Churchill, prime minister (£5)
2017 Jane Austen, author (£10)

2020 JMW Turner, artist (£20)
2021 Alan Turing, mathematician (£50)

Was this helpful?

While at Bletchley Park, Turing came up with ways to break German ciphers, including improvements to pre-second world war Polish methods for finding the settings for German Enigma machines.

Carney said on Monday: “Alan Turing was an outstanding mathematician whose work has had an enormous impact on how we live today. As the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, as well as [a] war hero, Alan Turing’s contributions were far ranging and path breaking. Turing is a giant on whose shoulders so many now stand.”

The Bank praised Turing for his role as a scientist and for the impact he has had on society. Prosecuted for homosexual acts in 1952, an inquest concluded his death from cyanide poisoning two years later was suicide.


The Bank acknowledged Turing’s pivotal role in the development of early computers, first at the National Physical Laboratory and later at the University of Manchester.

“He set the foundations for work on artificial intelligence by considering the question of whether machines could think,” the Bank said. “Turing was homosexual and was posthumously pardoned by the Queen, having been convicted of gross indecency for his relationship with a man. His legacy continues to have an impact on both science and society today.”

Turing’s face will appear on the new £50 polymer note when it goes into circulation in 2021, following a public consultation process designed to honour an eminent British scientist.

The Bank said it had received a total of 227,299 nominations, covering 989 eligible characters. These were narrowed down to a shortlist of 12, with Carney making the final choice.

The shortlisted characters, or pairs of characters, were Mary Anning, Paul Dirac, Rosalind Franklin, William Herschel and Caroline Herschel, Dorothy Hodgkin, Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, Stephen Hawking, James Clerk Maxwell, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Ernest Rutherford, Frederick Sanger, and Alan Turing.

Sarah John, the Bank’s chief cashier, said: “The strength of the shortlist is testament to the UK’s incredible scientific contribution. The breadth of individuals and achievements reflects the huge range of nominations we received for this note and I would to thank the public for all their suggestions of scientists we could celebrate.”

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